A History of the World with the Women Put Back In

Author: Kerstin Lucker
Pub Date: 16/09/2019
‘Who says that daughters cannot be heroic?’ Once upon a time, history was written by men, for men and about men. Women were deemed less important, their letters destroyed, their stories ignored. Not any more.
ISBN: 9780750989091
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Product description
We’ve all heard of Cleopatra and Lucrezia Borgia and Joan of Arc. What about those women who made history who we may not have ever heard of? The Chinese empress Wu Zetian, who helped spread Buddhism through China, to the Byzantine empress Theodora, originally a circus artist; Ada Lovelace through to Margaret Hamilton, who wrote the Apollo moon landing guidance software and was only recognised decades later. This book tells the history of the world – with a difference. It reminds us that throughout the ages there were generations of unsung women: their place in history, whether minor or major, has often been underplayed and forgotten.
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