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Committed Relationships New Ed.

Committed Relationship. Volume 6 of the Eldership and Oversight Handbook series.
Publisher: Quaker Books
ISBN: 9780852453988
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"The right joinng in marriage is the work of the Lord only, and not the priests' or magistrates, for it is God's ordinance and not man's; and therefore Friends cannot consent that they should join them together: for we marry none; it is the Lord's work, and we are but witness." So wrote George Fox in 1669 in Quaker Faith & Practice 16.01. How can any couple be clear that they are called to steadfast commitment to each other? How can the meeting witness this divine work and uphold the couple? The Quaker understanding of marriage is rooted in our history, unique, yet evolving. How could a meeting support a couple of the same sex who ask to celebrate their life long commitment before God and in the care of the meeting? This is a practical and inspiring book for those responsible for oversight and eldership. It will help registering officers and everyone concerned for committed partnerships. Couples considering their life together may find this informative and supportive.