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Conflict in Meetings New Edition

Eldership and Oversight Handbooks. Volume 4, 2nd edition.
Publisher: Quaker Books
ISBN: 9780852453827
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This is the fourth in a series of handbooks offering information, support and guidance to all those responsible for eldership and oversight. Conflict is inseparable from adventurous living. Whether it constrains or liberates us depends to a large extent on how we respond to it. This book encourages Friends to seek help where needed: there are lists of resources and useful organisations. This book is for clerks, those responsible for eldership or oversight, and everyone called to deal with potential or actual conflict. It will enable Friends to identify ther esources in their own meetings and use them to forge a living, wholly owned Peace Testimony for the twenty first century, not just about opposition to war and violence but as a way of living our lives.