My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece

Author: Annabel Pitcher
Pub Date: 01/07/2013
Ten-year-old Jamie Matthews moves to the Lake District with his Dad and sister for a 'Fresh New Start'. There he meets Sunya - the one person he can call a friend. But how far can this friendship grow when Jamie's dad musn't find out?
ISBN: 9781780621869
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Product description
Ten-year-old Jamie Matthews has just moved to the Lake District with his Dad and his teenage sister, Jasmine, for a 'Fresh New Start'. Five years ago his sister's twin, Rose, was blown up by a terrorist bomb. His parents are wrecked by their grief, Jasmine turns to piercing, pink hair and stops eating. The family falls apart. But Jamie hasn't cried in all that time. To him Rose is just a distant memory. Jamie is far more interested in his cat, Roger, his birthday Spiderman T-shirt, and in his deep longing and unshakeable belief that his Mum will come back to the family she walked out on months ago. But moving away for a Fresh New Start introduces Jamie to something else very interesting - a girl named Sunya. Sunya is bright, exciting and fun, and the one person at school he can call a friend. But how far can this new friendship grow when Jamie is desperate that his dad doesn't find out?
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