Openings to the infinite ocean

Author: Tom Shakespeare
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ISBN: 9781999314187
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As Quakers, we still rely on virtues of trust, solidarity, toleration, compromise. We have our testimonies to peace, truth, equality, simplicity. We have our social witness. But are these enough in practice? Does an emergency not demand more of us? Where can we find hope when everything looks dark?” What to do, in an era of pandemic, climate emergency, and right-wing populism? Does Quaker history or the Bible offer hope? Can we find positive stories in Britain and abroad that help us see a way forward? What if we looked close up, or saw the bigger picture, or saw things from the point of view of eternity? Tom Shakespeare argues we must nurture “active hope”. Through doing inner work on ourselves, and outer work in society, joining with others, we may contribute to the creation of God’s Kingdom. With a lever and a place to stand, we can move the world. Tom Shakespeare is a social scientist, writer and broadcaster. He has been active in the disability movement for three decades, and served in the voluntary and cultural sectors. He has worshipped at Newcastle, Geneva, Wymondham and Westminster Quaker Meetings since 1997. Copies will be shipped at the end of August
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