Seen and unseen: ways of being along Quaker and Buddhist paths

Author: Peter Jarman
Pub Date: 01/01/2018
Publisher: Kindlers
ISBN: 9780993362743
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Product description
Today many understand God as a creation of human consciousness. God is poetry, a symphony of poems. We can be mindful of Meister Eckhart's advice: 'Man's last and highest parting occurs when for Gods sake, he takes leave of God.' Whether seen or unseen, what is perceived enlivens our being. What is known is what we can hold on to; what is unkown is mystical and mystery, a cloud of unknowing. 'Seen and Unseen' explores these two aspects of reality. In the first part is describes them in the experience of Quaker and Buddhist faith and practice, and in the Sea of faith movement. It will resonate with those Quakers considering themselves post-Christian and post-Theost, yet sustained and inspired by religious literature and prayers from across the ages. In the second part the author, a Quaker scientist, focuses on our universe and its fundamental particles, interactions and energies. They will reveal their wonder and beauty, and their anchor on to what is ultimate reality, seen and unseen. There is a richness here for reflection at home or for new experiences within a workshop study group.
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