Breakthrough to Unity: The Quaker Way held within the mystic traditions

Author: Jarman, Roswitha
Pub Date: 01/11/2010
Publisher: Kindlers
Breakthrough to Unity aims to induct seekers into the mystical tradition through understanding and practice.
ISBN: 9780956224514
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Product description
The Quaker Way of worship has always been a mystic way. Seekers broke away from liturgy, dogma and creed to discover that worship may be centred on direct communion with the divine Spirit. This power lies at the heart of everyone. To be in silent resonance with it is essentially experiential. 'This I knew experimentally,; witnessed George Fox to his spiritual 'openings' that kindled a new faith. He proved to be a mystic who ranks with the great Catholic medieval mystics. Like them he followed the path of the historical Jesus. For 350 years that way has nourished generations of Quakers. It is a spiritual path that speaks to the deep needs of our time. Breakthrough to Unity aims to induct seekers into the mystical tradition through understanding and practice. It shows how mysticism is the raw material of all religions; looks at early and contemporary mystics; examines the parts played by surrender, love, authority and the priesthood of all; and introduces the celebrated mystic, Meister Eckhart. This booklet is for practical use, alone at home or worshipping in a community; it will also make for lively group discussion.
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