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Confounding the Mighty: Stories of Church, Social Class and Solidarity

It is long past time for the church to talk seriously about social class.
Publisher: SCM Press
ISBN: 9780334063575
Author Luke Larner
Pub Date 28/08/2023
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Bringing together the stories of eight contemporary Christian ministers and theologians from working-class backgrounds, and putting their own life experiences into conversation with theological reflection, Confounding the Mighty explores what role class plays in the life of Churches, education establishments and social justice movements in 21st Century Britain and beyond. Written from a diverse variety of social locations, chapters explore how class relates to faith, Church, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, education, leadership, work and wider social justice issues. While lamenting injustice and personal experiences of oppression, this book suggests radical changes in how Christians, churches and theologians relate to class issues, pointing towards renewed structures and practices to bring class justice in churches and wider society. Recognising that class is a thorny issue, the book seeks to bring a progressive theological perspective on class which pays close attention to related issues and promotes liberation for all.