Beginnings and Endings: a Lent study book

Author: Nick Fawcett
Pub Date: 30/04/2005
Publisher: Kevin Mayhew Ltd
This book looks at the idea of moving from the old self to the new and asks what aspects of our life need to be ended and what new characteristics should put in their place.
ISBN: 9781844174911
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Product description
Faith is an ongoing journey, a lifelong pilgrimage in which each day offers a fresh start, unexplored possibilities. What is it as Christians we see ourselves leaving behind, and in what way does life bring new beginnings? There is no better time than Lent to explore these questions. Each of the six sessions begins with the words of a well-known hymn which introduce the theme to be followed, these being discussed in two sections. There is a variety of prayers, intercessions and a meditation that draws the thread of the discussion together. Ice-breakers are also included for group work.
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